Jurgen // Ogilvy Cape Town

We found Jurgen, the boy in blue, casually chilling on the balcony. Definitely worthy of a #ogilvyoutfitter nomination.


Design Indaba 2016 // Helen Isibor-Epega

Spotted looking fabulous at the Design Indaba 2016 Conference – Helen Isibor-Epega.

Follow her of Instagram: @thevenusbushfires and Twitter: @venusbushfires


Kara Levy // Ogilvy Cape Town

Kara OgilvyOutfitter

Kara Levy // Ogilvy Graduate // Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town

Martin Magner // Ogilvy Cape Town


Martin Magner // Freelancer, Ogilvy Public Relations // Ogilvy Cape Town


Craig Josephs // Ogilvy Cape Town

Shout out to Craig for constantly making the rest of us look bad.


Craig Josephs // Account Executive // Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town