Simon & Alex // Ogilvy Australia

Simon, Senior Account Manager // Alex, Account Manager // Senior Account Manager // Ogilvy Sydney, Australia

Ben & Theo’s Fashion Face-Off // Ogilvy Australia

It’s happened to all of us. Too much time at the office with your co-workers often results in the universe playing a cruel joke by making you dress the same. Call it collective consciousness, call it fate, whatever you want to call it we’ve got a prime example of this strange phenomenon straight from the Ogilvy office in Sydney Australia. Senior Account Manager, Theo Zoumas and Account Manager, Ben Frost battle it out in our first Ogilvy Outfitters Fashion Face-Off. 

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Simon // Ogilvy Australia

Simon // Senior Account Manager // Ogilvy Sydney, Australia

The Creative Boys // Ogilvy Australia

The creative boys from the Sydney office // Ogilvy Australia